What is The Renaissance?

The Future of Association Management has arrived…introducing The Renaissance, a partnership of industry leaders like you’ve never witnessed.

The Renaissance brings the perfect balance of leveraging technologies and innovation to create modern day efficiencies, low overhead, and cutting edge approaches to lead the future of association management. The partnership of these enlightened industry leaders brings a solution to organizations still caught in historic work models only conducive to pre-internet and pre-pandemic ways of business. After the dark ages and after the global plague, surfaces the rebirth of association management. The Renaissance is the future, the stardust that changes the path of your organization.

More about Limitless Association Solution Resource:
Limitless is your complete association solution for your credentialing needs. Over 40 years of combined experience in all areas of association management; we specialize in the development/maintenance of a credentialing program by offering innovative services and techniques. Additional services include: Accreditation counseling for NCCA, ISO17024, LMS selection and review, existing program assessment, brainstorming sessions with your leadership and/or SMEs on new and innovative ways to enrich your educational content into a sustainable program whether that is a micro-credential or a full-blown credential. We also focus on increasing your non-dues revenue while creating the “golden handcuff” for your associations’ membership. Together we are Limitless!

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Amanda Joyce Bowen, CAE
President, Stephens & Associates
Keith Segundo
CEO/President, Limitless ASR
303-719-0760 (office)
850-322-3910 (cell)

Adrienne Segundo, IOM
COO/Chairman, Limitless ASR
[email protected]
850-321-7066 (cell)
303-719-0760 (office)


The Renaissance values diversity in association leadership. Our team has developed a 12-month hands on program for association executives to advance their standing in association experience with a concentration on diversity as a core value.

For more information on the Diversity Acceleration Program, submit an interest form and our team will be in contact with you.