Why is Stephens & Associates unique?
AKA: What do we have that others don't?

Elephants and Donkeys.
Our AMC has registered lobbyists in house, saving our clients an extra contract and vendor to manage. Our 96 years of experience in government relations affords our clients a unique opportunity to add a dynamic team of skilled lobbyists to their organization at a lower financial expense, less exposure for risk, and higher levels of lobbyist-board communication.

Speed Dial.
We understand the value of time and relationships. That's why every client has direct access to our President and CEO at all times, regardless of the size of the contract or which team member is assigned to the organization.

Broken Glass.
Our culture is a strong one, built on creative solution based ideas and a strong determination for goal achievement.
We do not open our doors every day to meet expectations; we do it to exceed them.
We do not avoid obstacles; we rise above them.
We do not get struck down by barriers; we shatter glass ceilings.

What makes us different?

Our team is founded on the idea that there is no challenge we cannot meet. Our passion is our culture and that culture bleeds through to every contact we have with our clients. We seek out and recruit team members who exhibit those same behaviors, ensuring each association we represent has the highest level of confidence in the services we bring to the table.

At Stephens & Associates, we rise above

The legend of the tall poppy describes a singular bloom which grew taller than its surrounding neighbors. Some poppies responded by choking the high achiever at its roots, bringing it down so that they might steal more sunlight. Others responded by leaning their stalks in to support the tall poppy as it rose to reach new heights. At Stephens & Associates we are grounded in our roots of association excellence but not afraid to rise above expectations. Our team of professionals understand the importance of standing tall, making a difference, and breaking barriers.